Bulk Bag & Drum Lifters

◥ Model BBL Bulk Bag Lifters

Bulk bag lifters are designed to safely lift and manipulate bulk container bags. Construction consists of Rectangular Tube cross sections, a reinforced steel plate Main Connection with a fail-safe lift lug design and heavy duty safety latch hooks.

  • Minimizes headroom requirement.
  • Safety latched hook connection system

Model BBL

ModelCapacity (tons)L (in)HR (in)Weight (lbs)

◥ Model DLS Drum Lifters

Single Drum Lifters are used to vertically lift and manipulate steel drums. The unlocked device is lowered around the exterior of the drum until the alignment stops bring it to rest just below the lip. By activating the cam locking arm a secure friction grip is created by squeezing as well as utilizing the lip of the drum as a built in catch.

  • Fail-safe Pin Latch prevents accidental unlocking.
  • Other designs, multiple Drum Lifters, Tilting and automated designs available upon request.
  • Optional Model DLT illustrated to the far right.

Model DLS

Model DLT

For dimensions and other requirements not offered here, please contact our knowledgeable sales team for a quick quote based upon the specific job application.