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Lifting Beams, Spreader Beams, Below the Hook Beam Designs & More

Looking For A Custom Solution?

While we offer a wide range of dimensions and options, we understand that each project may come with unique requirements. If you don't find the exact specifications you need here, fret not! Our knowledgeable sales team is just a call or email away, eager to assist you in tailoring a quick and accurate quote that aligns perfectly with your specific job demands.​

Design Criteria

SIPE standard below the hook lifting products and custom lifting beams/devices adhere to all industry standards addressing structural and mechanical criteria involving a crane or other material handling equipment including ASME BTH-1, ASME B30.20, ANSI, AWS D14.1, AISC, AISI, ASTM, AWS, NEC, NEMA, and OSHA.


We were founded and are currently managed by a licensed engineer with over 40 years of experience, our team ensures lift attachments are crafted to exact specifications, delivering safe, functional, and quality products.

Our Solution

If you have an application, we have a solution. Utilizing our broad experience base in many industries gives us the capacity to design innovative product solutions that makes work easier and safer. Our nimble lifter manufacturing system is designed to quickly transform concepts into tangible lifting devices and minimize lead times.