Roll Lifters & Pallet Lifter

◥ Model RLF

Roll Lifters

Fixed position customized roll Lifters are designed to safely lift rolls by securely hooking onto the mandrel that runs through the I.D. of the roll. Provide capacity, dimensions L, C, & D, along with the crane capacity (used to calculate bale size) or crane hook dimensions for a roll lifter quote and sizing. Adjustable width, pivoting arms and many other designs are available by request.

  • Ideal for limited headroom applications.
  • Fail-safe design on Lift Arm and Bale.
  • To design a customized roll lifter for your project, refer to our Request A Quote page for more.
roll lifters

Adjustable Arm
Width Design

◥ Model PLF

Pallet Lifters Fixed

Pallet lifters offer the ability to lift and move pallets with a crane in applications where a forklift or pallet jack are not available or capable. The data table below illustrates the basic standard style Pallet Lifter, Fixed Position. Other adjustable position models can be quoted per specific job application requirement. Simply call out the fork spreads, service height, capacity, adjustability features and/or any other option desired for a timely quote.

  • Remains level when unloaded.
  • Safety Curved Guide Handle assists in insertion and removal.
  • Tapered fork ends for ease of operation.
  • To design a pallet lifter for crane on your project, refer to our Request A Quote page for more.
pallet lifters

Model PLF

Model Capacity (tons) L (in) W (in) C (in) HR (in) D (in) T (in) B (in) H (in) W (lbs)
PLF1 1 42 36 50 66 24 2 1-1/4 2-1/2 351
PLF2 2 42 36 50 68 24 2 1-3/4 2-3/4 450
PLF3 3 42 36 50 72 24 2-1/2 2 3 525

◥ Model PBL

Pallet Bar Lifters

Pallet bar lifters are a simple and inexpensive method of attaching standard 48” x 48” pallets to cranes. By sliding the Bars into the pallet and attaching slings to each end, the pallet can be easily and safely hoisted and manipulated. When not in use, they require minimal storage space.

pallet bar lifters
Model Capacity (tons)
PBL1 1
PLB2 2
PBL2.5 2-1/2

For dimensions and other requirements not offered here, please contact our knowledgeable sales team for a quick quote based upon the specific job application.

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